Reused wine bottles. All-natural soy wax candles. Relaxing scents.

Unwined Artisan Candle - Lady Baltimore

Unwined Artisan candles are a creative collaboration of our ideas and imagination. All candles in this collection are all-natural soy wax with a 100% cotton wick. We love to create. Here, you can shop our latest creations!

These uniquely hand-painted 8 ounce mason jar candles showcase an assortment of vivid colors that, to us, represent the character of each of our selected fragrances. 

Lady Baltimore, a Unwined best-seller is the perfect blend of black tea, fig and citrus. Lady Baltimore embodies all of our City's charm and warmth! This candle comes with a rustic kraft colored label, and a uniquely colored lid with the color scheme pictured above (a tribute to our home state, Maryland)! Add some creativity to your candle collection and home decor, shop Unwined Artisan! 

** Please note, each lid per candle will be slightly different, due to our unique painting process, but all equally as awesome!**

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